Setup Guidelines for Interactive Video

Technical basics

The projections use a camera to detect movements, a computer to generate images and a video projector to show the picture.

In order to provide good contrast for the camera, the projection surface is flooded with infrared light by special illuminators.

Take a look at he picture below to get an impression of a basic setup:



When choosing a location for the projection, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The projection looks best if it is the strongest light source that shines on the wall. It will not be visible in direct sunlight.
  • There must be enough space between the projection surface and the projector.
  • The ground in front of it should be flat so people can move around freely.
  • It’s most fun to play with 2-5 people. In a place where many people walk through the image all the time in order to get somewhere else, it can be very hectic for the people who want to play with it.
  • The projection provides is fun to watch even if you don’t participate actively, so it’s nice to place it somewhere where it can be seen by others and put some sofas and tables in the area.

Projection Surface

Any surface that is reasonably bright and flat works.

  • The image should be between 2.5m and 10m (9-33 feet) wide.
  • The size of the image depends on the lens of the projector and the distance between projector and wall.
  • The projection should end at the ground.
  • It looks best if borders of the projected image coincede with some natural feature of the wall.
  • Semi-transparent surfaces look very good also from the other side.

Setup & Technical Requirements

The things and conditions are necessary:

  • Projector (FullHD, >=2500 ANSI Lumen), HDMI-Input
  • Electricity for computer and projector (500W) + IR Illuminators (250W)
  • A dry, clean, safe and ventilated place for the projector and the computer.
  • A stable point to attach the projector. Should be 1.7m-2.5m above ground.
  • Attachment points for the IR-Illuminators (10kg), either over, on the ground, or at the sides of the image, ~ 0.5-1m away from the wall.
  • The computer is brought by me.