Life of a stream, learned and imagined in the hallways of a water research institute. A collaborative work with artist Ursula Damm commissioned by EAWAG Switzerland, Kontinuum is a permanent generative live projection based on live sensor data and camera footage from a small stream in front of a water research institute. Live images depicting […]


exchanges of momentum. a network of interactions. an exotic material. A collective formed by thousands of independently moving actors is simulated on a computer. When two actors come close to each other, they exchange momentum and a line is drawn between them in a projected image. Whatever enters in the path between projector and wall […]

manual detector

A symbiotic drawing device, making visible what is below the surface. The resonant frequency of an electronic oscillator is influenced by the electric inductivity of the drawing surface – effectively turning it into a metal-detector. Whenever a strong deviation from the usual inductivity is detected, a solenoid pushes down the pen, resulting in a line […]


An architecture of light, defined by people Two dancers move in a room filled with haze. A camera picks up their motions, allowing them to create and modify a line graphic displayed by a laser scanner mounted on the ceiling. Scattered by the haze, points become beams, and lines become walls, forming connections, barriers, shelters […]

tilapia village

A projected view into an underwater architecture, inviting visitors to trace the movements of it’s inhabitants. Smuggled to Taiwan from Singapore by two former prisoners of war in 1946, Tilapia fish quickly became a popular source of cheap protein on the then impoverished island. Once freed from their original aquaculture ponds by a storm, the […]


a supercomputer courtyard, a functional landscape, the sky shown as data. Scientists of the institution participate in formulating a mathematical function that estimates how pleasant a given topography is to watch and sit in. The “best of all worlds” is found by an optimization algorithm and constructed from soil in the courtyard. A mix of […]

text to wall

text messages, scribbled on a wall by a drawing machine. developed for a customer who offers a service of receiving and sending text messages over the internet, this drawing machine writes short messages onto a wall. the “printing head” is suspended from two wires – its position is controlled by motors that turn a coil […]

heading southwards

A robotic vehicle carrying a spray pump, the direction of its movement controlled by a compass. It’s journey towards the magnetic south pole is deflected by magnetic anomalies, iron objects hidden under the surface. Its imperfections tell a story of the invisible.  


high power lasers with line lenses create geometrical landscapes of luminant surfaces. during my work on “gebilde” I fell in love with the possibility of creating architectures of glowing walls by laser light. unfortunately, it turns out to be nearly impossible run a laser scanner that shines into an audience accessible area without constant supervision […]


An ocean of stars comes to light when agitated. Thousands of glowing dots fill the space, flashing up and moving in a liquid-like manner when touched by the visitors shadows. The glowing response to movements reminds me of swimming in a galaxy of bioluminescent plankton at night. It’s a lot of fun to play with […]